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Latex Paint Over Polyurethane

Not a good idea to use latex paint directly over polyurethane!  The previous owners of my house thought it was a good idea, but not so much!  We’re repainting the door because the door looked like it developed a case of leprosy.

I get it – nobody wants to sand, but seriously if you’re using latex paint over polyurethane just take the time to sand and prime. Prevent the leprosy!

Although there was something completely satisfying about peeling that stuff up.  I have a friend who loves to peel skin from sunburn (Hey, Nic!).  So kind like that, but less gross. Just watch, you’ll see!

This is an el cheapo hollow core door. I want to eventually replace all of the doors, but for  now we paint!

What are some paint disasters you’ve seen?

Beachy, Hunting, Inspiration

Inspiration at Hobby Lobby

Today I had to make a quick trip to Hobby Lobby to pick up a knob.  I needed a match for this one.

When I say I had to I mean I was excited to.  Hobby Lobby is a huge source of inspiration.  I couldn’t stay as long as I would have wanted to, but I did take some pics of things I loved.

First, of course, all of the knobs. Changing out knobs on furniture is a really easy way to make a really big impact.  I was doing this before I was ever refinishing furniture.

Don’t forget to check out the nautical/beachy section for knobs that are nautical/beachy!

This piece really got my attention.  Black has been grabbing me more and more lately.  I’m inspired by it so don’t be surprised if you see some things coming from me that aren’t as bright and light as I usually do.

Here are some more pretties


Last but not least I spotted this 1927 beauty whose owner allowed me to take this picture.  So adorable!